We are proud members of the professional beauty industry, continuously looking for ways to better our skills and learn new techniques. When you visit us, our friendly, helpful staff will answer your questions and make suggestions on how to best serve you. To learn more about the members of our staff, click the links on their names below.


Karen Davis, Founder
Colorist & Stylist   


Amanda Davis
Colorist & Stylist


Paige Charbonnier
Colorist & Stylist

Ciera Figueiredo
Colorist & Stylist

Brittany Fay
Colorist & Stylist

Elizabeth Parfitt 
Stylist in Training

Monica Benedetti 
Colorist & Stylist


Jaylana Zemansky
Salon Coordinator

Stacie Marieiro
Client Coordinator

Also At Our Location


Jennifer Brown - (p) (415) 686-1175  (e)

Vicky Longoria - (p) 1 (415) 254-7332  (e)

Russ Bard -  (p) (415) 259-8378  (e)

Tony Trono - (p) 1 (707) 696-1110  (e)

Shaylean Mandeville - (p) (808) 205-7429  (e)

Mai Quan  -  (p) (415) 683-8018  (e)